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Thomas Lamé
Graduate engineer from ENAC, PPLA pilot, Flight command architect
Mickaël Cosson
Masters in Renewable Energy from the University of Nantes, CIFRE thesis with the IMN
Thibaud De Coene
Graduate engineer from Centrale Lille, Embedded Systems Architect
Simon Lucas
Graduate engineer from Centrale Nantes, Laboratoire GEM, Structural Architect
Dr. Andrea Viti
ONERA, ICL, TUV Munich, Aerodynamic Architect
Denis Pitance
Graduate engineer from Polytechnique and Supaéro, Flight Performance Specialist
Ryad Sadou
Electrical Engineer from Polytech’Nantes and Université de Nantes, PhD thesis with IREENA and XSun
Mouhanned Brahim
Doctor of Electrical Engineering from University of Paris-Saclay, Automatic Control Design
Sullivan Briand
Former aircraft cable fitter at Safran E&P


Given the complexity and stakes involved in the project, in addition to having a board of management which includes an SME manager and a former SME manager, Benjamin David has chosen to be supported by several advisers.

François Auger
Electrical energy control manager at IREENA, Saint-Nazaire
Philippe Blanc
Research director at MINES ParisTech, Dr, HDR Centre OIE, Sophia Antipolis
Stany Boutle
Electronics engineer, private pilot and 45 years’ experience in building miniature models
Samuel Bachelot
ENSAM, 12 years’ experience in helping start-ups at ATLANPOLE
Christophe Havret
Founder of CARA Partners & Investors, over 20 years’ experience
Nicolas Viguier
Co-founder of Actyvea, a strategy consultancy agency

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