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Fire, Search & Rescue

The SolarXOne drone’s information collection and analysis enables you to prevent and better manage your environmental risks: floods, avalanches, fires and more.

Monitoring of your environment

The SolarXOne drone can monitor forests, rivers, mountains, coastlines, and airspace. The UAV retains a mission selectable degree of autonomy, while operating over difficult terrain. This ultimately gives the operator more time to focus on assessing data and providing prompt remedial action to mission critical elements. With its long battery life and the solar boost, the SolarXOne solar-powered drone can fly over wide areas for several hours. Combined with smart image capture systems, the platform can undertake different types of missions to include:

- Surveillance
- Research
- Search and Rescue
- Civil safety​
long endurance

Long Endurance

Extended endurance over conventional UAVs offers the opportunity to autonomously monitor large contiguous and non-contiguous areas.

Smooth and Silent

Thanks to the unique aerodynamic configuration of SolarXOne, the flight is smooth and similar to that of a glider. Using an advanced and bespoke propulsion system with custom energy efficient propellers, the overall machine is very quiet and does not disturb even skittish wildlife.
global coverage

Long range communication

SolarXOne has the capability to live stream full HD IR or RGB videos to the ground control system.

Large payloads

Typical payload with RGB or thermal sensors can be installed on-board in order to provide early advanced warning to the ground teams
fire drone surveillance
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Environmental Protection

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